Google is finally rolling out the latest version of the world’s most popular mobile operating system: Android 7.0 Nougat. Available Monday as an update for Google’s Nexus devices, Android Nougat includes more than 250 improvements to the company’s OS.

Nougat’s biggest features include updates to the Quick Settings menu, new emojis, multitasking, battery management improvements and the release of Google’s DayDream mobile virtual reality platform.

The subtlest, but most welcome, change to Android N is its new Quick Settings menu. Rather than having to swipe down on the notifications shade twice to get access to your quick settings like Wi-Fi, GPS and the flashlight, you now only have to swipe down once.
 That seems like a small change, but it’s certainly welcome considering Android handset makers like Samsung, LG and HTC have been including the feature for some time now.
You’ll also now be able to reply directly to messages from the notifications shade without having to open any corresponding apps. Because if you’re going to hit someone with a snappy comeback, you want to make sure you send it before you forget it.

And since it seems like 99.99% of the population has given up on the written word in favor of emojis anyway, Google is bringing a whole slew of updates for its mini works of art to Nougat. Some 72 new emojis will make their Android debut when the OS is released, including a more ethnically diverse cast of male and female characters for your texts and Hangouts messages.

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